"Remembering, Always"

The memorial jewelry by Jewelry Petit is carefully crafted to serve as a cherished talisman that walks along each individual's personal story.


With heartfelt dedication, we breathe memories into each piece, transforming them into precious mementos of emotions and thoughts.


With profound gratitude, we infuse new life into these small pieces of jewelry, overflowing with countless expressions of appreciation.

Memorial jewelry is a form of commemoration where the ashes or cremated remains of loved ones or cherished pets can be placed inside pendants, rings, and other jewelry items for the purpose of remembrance.


Furthermore, meaningful elements such as hair or feathers resembling beloved pets can also be incorporated into the jewelry.


At JewelryPetit, we create a wide range of commemorative jewelry items to honor your loved ones, offering personalized designs that hold deep sentimental value.

Request flow

1.Initial Contact: Please reach out to us through Jewelry Petit's official email or WhatsApp. Provide specific details such as your country of residence, schedule for visiting Japan, desired specifications for the memorial jewelry, budget, and any other specific requests. If you have any images or design ideas in mind, feel free to share them with us.

2.Scheduling the Initial Zoom Meeting: After receiving your inquiry, we will continue the discussion via email or WhatsApp, or our store representative will coordinate the schedule for the initial Zoom meeting.

3. Initial Zoom Meeting: During this meeting, we will provide a detailed explanation of your desired design, budget, and timeline. By conducting a face-to-face consultation, we can better understand your preferences and requirements. The discussion will serve as a foundation for the designer to grasp your ideas and needs, enabling them to provide customized proposals based on that understanding.

4.Creation and Submission of Design Concepts: After the consultation, our designer will create design sketches based on the information provided by you. These design sketches will be sent to you via email or WhatsApp for review and feedback. Up to this stage, we offer this service free of charge.

5. Validation and revision of the final design concept: We will provide a 3D representation of the finished design for your review. If any modifications or adjustments are needed, please let us know. This process will be iterated as many times as necessary until you are fully satisfied and comfortable with the design.

6. Design finalization and production commencement: Once the design has been approved by you, production will begin. At this stage, there may be a partial or full payment required from you to cover the production cost. Payment will be processed through Square payment system using a credit card.

7. Sharing progress updates of the production process: We will share images or videos of the work-in-progress jewelry with you, allowing you to stay informed about the progress. This will enable you to see how the jewelry is taking shape and make any necessary adjustments if needed.

8. Confirmation of the Finished Product: Once the jewelry is finished, the designer sends photos or videos of the finished product to the customer. At this stage, the final confirmation and approval is requested.

9. Delivery: Finally, the completed jewelry will be delivered when you visit the store.