Make engagement rings in Japan

This course is perfect for those who want to propose in Japan.

We will prepare an engagement ring for you.



Please choose your desired plan from the three plans below.


・Handmade engagement ring course

This is a course where you can make a ring by hand. You can take it home the day after it is made. Perfect for making memories of your trip.


・Custom-made engagement ring course

You can consult the design when you come to Japan and receive the finished product before returning home.


・Custom-made engagement ring course through online consultation

You can consult the design in advance via Zoom or WhatsApp and receive your engagement ring when you arrive in Japan.



Please choose the course that suits your Japan travel schedule.

We will support you to make your trip a special one for both of you.

Handmade engagement ring course

This is a course where you decide on a design when you visit our store and experience making an engagement ring.


The required time is approximately 3 hours.

You can choose from 5 different designs.


Your ring will be given the final finishing touch by a skilled craftsman.

You can receive your completed ring the next day.


We will also take photos and videos during the handmade experience, so you will be able to preserve your special memories in Japan.


This menu is exclusive to the Kyoto Kitayama main store.






Consultation process



 1. Please make a reservation to visit Kyoto Kitayama main store.


2. Visit our store and choose your favorite design from the ones available.

You can also choose the size and grade of the diamond while looking at the actual diamond. (Time required: 1-2 hours)


3.You will try your hand at making your own ring.

Don't worry if you are not good at handmade items. Our skilled craftsmen will provide you with solid support.


4.The final finishing touch to the ring is done by a craftsman. It will take about 3 hours for the craftsman to complete the work.

It will be smoother if you can receive it after the next day.


Introducing the Handcrafted Engagement Ring that Turned a Proposal into an Unforgettable Moment

Introducing the creator of the engagement ring (Short video)

 A Special Surprise from Los Angeles


Let’s meet an incredible couple from Los Angeles!


During their trip to Japan, he planned a beautiful surprise - proposing with a ring he made by hand!


Her expression of shock and joy was unforgettable. Together, they crafted a ring, embedding their love in every detail.


Their tears and smiles spoke volumes of their deep connection. Join us in celebrating their first step towards a happy future together.



A couple from Denmark created a special memory in Japan 

They crafted their own engagement ring, featuring the vivid green of May’s birthstone, emerald. The gold frame enhances its beauty and further highlights the wearer's charm.


After numerous online meetings before their visit, they realized a surprise proposal. May their love continue to shine forever!


Love from Ireland: Crafting Unique Engagement Rings and the Promise of Reunion

A charming couple from Ireland journeyed all the way to Japan to craft their engagement rings,

inspired by the timeless beauty of roses.


Their choice of a large, dazzling diamond brought an extraordinary flair to the rings,

making them truly spectacular. Their stay in Japan became a cherished memory, and they kindly shared their heartfelt experiences with us.


They even promised to return for the creation of their wedding bands, leaving us with the joyful anticipation of their next visit.


Japan has become a special place for them, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming them back.

Custom-made engagement ring course

We will create a custom-made engagement ring with the design of your choice.


 It will take at least a month for the ring to be completed. You can consult and decide on the design when you arrive in Japan, and receive the ring when you return home.

Please contact us with a schedule that allows plenty of days.


We can flexibly accommodate your travel schedule, such as consulting on the design at Kyoto store and receive your ring at our Tokyo store.

We will create an engagement ring that will be the culmination of your journey.

Consultation process



 1.Please make a reservation to visit the store of your convenience in Kyoto, Tokyo, or Kobe.

2. When you visit our store, we will ask you to check out some ring samples and ask about your desired design.

If you have an image in mind, you are welcome to provide images or sketches.

 3. Once the design is decided, we will start making the ring. It takes at least a month to make a ring. Depending on your design, it may take longer.

Please let us know the received date and store of your order in advance.

4. Please pick up your engagement ring before returning to your home country. 

This ring will be a special one filled with memories from Japan.


The Magic of Custom-Made Engagement Rings: Crafting Memories for a Lifetime


We crafted a special engagement ring for a couple who visited us from Israel.


Beforehand, I had multiple meetings over Zoom with the boyfriend to progress the design of the custom-made ring.


Then, during their trip in Japan, he made a wonderful surprise proposal to her.


The design of the ring is delicate with an antique feel, resulting in a ring that is full of originality.


Furthermore, he made a special request to engrave the inside of the ring with their nicknames "MAY & ZIV" in Japanese, inscribing it with the characters "舞と治武". In Japanese, "舞" conveys a sense of elegance and beauty, while "治武" signifies bravery.


The day before they returned to Israel, they visited us again.



Seeing them so happy was a great joy for us.

Custom-made engagement ring course through online consultation

We will consult with you online in advance about the design of your engagement ring according to your planned visit to Japan.

It is also possible to create an original design that is only one in the world.


In addition to Kyoto, you can also receive your ring in Aoyama, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe.

If you are considering a surprise proposal, please feel free to contact us.


Consultation process



1. First, please contact us via email or WhatsApp with your image, design, and schedule for coming to Japan.

You can also consult via zoom if you wish. Please feel free to contact us.


E-mail  :

2. Based on your wishes, we will make a proposal including an estimated cost.

Please let us know if you have any wishes or changes to the design.

3. After deciding on the design, please make payment. After that, we start production.

First, we will ask you to check the final image using a 3D design drawing.


You can make minor adjustments to the design even at this stage, so we will make adjustments to the shape you are satisfied with.

For complex designs, we will create a 3D design.

Please take a look at the 3D design and let us know if any adjustments need to be made.


If there are no problems, we will continue make until completion.


4.Please let us know in advance the date and time you would like to receive your order and the store.