Create a Unique Wedding Ring with the 'Special Course'.

This course offers a memorable experience where couples can craft their custom-made rings together.



 1.Easy Online Reservation: Begin Your Unique Ring-Making Journey


Choose your preferred location and time from our four stores in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kobe, and book your visit through our website. Your journey to creating a special ring starts with your reservation.


The process from your visit to the completion of the ring takes just three weeks.


Aligning with your travel plans in Japan, you have the flexibility to choose different stores for the creation and collection of your ring. For instance, craft your ring in Kyoto and pick it up in Tokyo as you depart. Add a custom-made ring to your memories of Japan.

2.Let's Create Your Unique Ring Design Together


During your visit, we'll take the time to discuss your ideal ring design in detail.

You can explore actual ring samples to choose the finish, material, and design that resonate with you.

We're committed to ensuring that your ring becomes a truly unique and personal piece.

If you already have a specific design in mind, feel free to send us images via email or WhatsApp before your visit.

We're dedicated to bringing your vision to life, every step of the way.


You can also include your name in kanji and engrave your memories of Japan and your favorite illustrations.

3.Prototype Creation Using Wax


You can create the prototype of your unique wedding ring using wax, a candle-like material. Our staff will provide thorough instructions on how to craft, familiarizing you with the tools and materials. Don't worry about the complex parts, as our experienced artisans will be there to assist you. This special process ensures that the ring you create will be a beautiful symbol of your bond, even if you're new to ring-making.


4.Completion of the prototype


The customer works for about two hours before the prototype of the ring is completed.

We will keep the wax of the prototype of the ring that you have produced and perform a process called casting.

The prototype is hardened with plaster, the mold is removed, and the molten metal is poured into it to make a ring of precious metal.

From casting to finishing, our craftsmen will do it with thought.

5.Finishing a wedding ring that has become metal


Rings that have become metals such as platinum and gold are finished by our craftsmen according to your request,

such as fine surface work and stone fastening.

It will take about 3 weeks to finish.

6.Completion of the ring Handing over


The long-awaited wedding ring is complete.

The ring you made yourself will have a lot of thoughts.

Please let us know where you would like to pick up from our stores in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kobe.

It will be the highlight of your trip to Japan.

The price of the wedding ring will be the total of the following:


(All prices include tax)


A : Metal Cost (based on ring width)


B:  Option Pricing (gems, craftsmanship, etc.)

【A :  Metal Cost 】

K18 YG ¥88,000~

K18 PG ¥88,000~

K18 CG ¥94,000~

PT 950 ¥88,000~


【B:  Option Pricing 】


Mirror Finish: Free


Texture: 5,500 yen


Stardust Finish: 5,500 yen


Honing Finish: 5,500 yen


Milgrain: Starting from 11,000 yen per piece


Engraved Text: Starting from 3,500 yen


Handwritten Text or Illustration Engraving: Starting from 5,500 yen


Melee Diamonds: Starting from 5,500 yen per piece


Please consult us for other customizations.




We will take photos and videos of the scenery during production.

We will give you the data on DVD so that you can have wonderful memories of Japan.

If you wish, we will introduce you on JewelryPetit's Instagram and YouTube channel.

Please watch it with your family and friends after returning to Japan. 

Payment: Methods

Please note that payment is required befor the workshop takes place.

We also inform you that there is an additionnal consumption tax of 10% in Japan.

Payment will be cash or credit card.



Kitayama Main Store 

66-B-4 Imaikawahara-cho, Kamigamo, Kita-Ku,

Kyoto-Shi, Kyoto 603-8063, Japan

Gojo Store

203,Tsukuru Bld.,25, Nishikazariyacho,Shimogyo-Ku

Kyoto-Shi Kyoto 600-8108,Japan

Kobe Store

202,Kamome Bld.,2-2-8 Sakaemachidori Chuo-Ku

Kobe-Shi Hyogo 650-0023,Japan

Tokyo Aoyama Store

301,316Aoyama Bld.,3-1-6 Kitaaoyama Minato-Ku Tokyo


We are eagerly awaiting your contact,

including via WhatsApp or email.

Please reach out to us through the provided phone number,

QR code, or email address.

+81 90-5762-2431