1.Book on the Internet



Book on our website to make a reservation,

as it takes approximately 4 hours from design to completion.


2.Choose the design of your ring.





From 1.7mm to 5mm, you can choose  your  width preference.




K18 Yellow Gold

K18 Pink Gold

K18 White Gold

K18 Champagne Gold

Platinum 900




HirauchiRing: Ring with a Flat Ring

Komaru Ring:  Half-round Ring


Tsuchime: Hand Hammered  Surface Ring.

【Special Engraving Service】


Would you like to engrave your names in Japanese on the inside of your rings?

By choosing meaningful Kanji characters, you can immortalize your memories of Japan.

Additionally, popular motifs such as cherry blossoms and maple leaves can also be engraved.

These services are available for same-day completion at our Kitayama main store.

Make your time in Japan unforgettable with a uniquely personalized ring.

【Special Option: Name Engraving】


Enhance your connection with a special option to engrave your names in Japanese inside your wedding rings.

Choose meaningful Kanji characters to commemorate your unique memories in Japan.


Case 1:

Male Name: John (丈音)

"丈" signifies grandeur, "音" represents sound or music. Meaning: A grand and creative man.


Female Name: Mary (芽愛理)

"芽" indicates new beginnings, "愛" love, and "理" logic or reason. Meaning: A rational woman living in love.


Engraving: 丈音 と 芽愛理 (John & Mary)



Case 2:

Male Name: Robert (路馬刀)

"路" means path, "馬" horse, symbolizing strength, and "刀" sword. Meaning: A brave man forging paths.


Female Name: Emily (絵美理)

"絵" stands for art, "美" beauty, and "理" logic. Meaning: An artistic and intellectual woman.


Engraving: 愛をこめて絵美理と共に路馬刀 (With love, alongside Emily, Robert)


Here are some exemples of rings that can be  made in 4 hours.



Please note that payment is required befor the workshop takes place.

We also inform you that there is an additionnal consumption tax of 10% in Japan.

Payment will be cash or credit card.

Production takes about two hours


Once the ring is made , we will keep it for two hours so that our team can polish it, inspect it and finaly deliver it to you.

During this time  you can enjoi  sightseeing in Kyoto.

Nearby you will find  Kyoto  Botanical Garden , the famous Malebranche pastry  shop and  Kamigamo Shrine.


Message from Jewelry Petit:


Thank you for visiting Japan and showing interest in our culture.

Our shop is located in Kyoto,

the birthplace of Japanese culture and renowned for its craftsmanship.

We would be honored to create a wedding ring in memory of your travels here.

We look forward to seeing you.

The price of the wedding ring will be the total of the following:


(All prices include tax)


A : Metal Cost (based on ring width)




B:  Option Pricing (gems, craftsmanship, etc.)


【A :  Metal Cost 】



K18 YG ¥72,000~

K18 PG ¥72,000~

K18 CG ¥77,000~

PT 900 ¥72,000~



【B:  Option Pricing 】


Mirror Finish: Free


Texture: 5,500 yen


Stardust Finish: 5,500 yen


Honing Finish: 5,500 yen


Milgrain: Starting from 11,000 yen per piece


Engraved Text: Starting from 3,500 yen


Handwritten Text or Illustration Engaving: Starting from 5,500 yen


Melee Diamonds: Starting from 5,500 yen per piece



※Payment methods are cash or credit card (one-time payment only).

International visitors can now shop tax-free at our jewelry workshop!


Special Gifts





We have prepared a special gift for customers who purchase their wedding rings at our store.

It is a photo frame made with Mino washi paper and carefully crafted by artisans in Kyoto.

It is a lovely item for displaying your favorite photos and sharing precious memories together.

We hope that this gift will become a happy reminder of your new journey together.






Here are some designs that can be made in 3week .

If you are planning a long trip in Kyoto you can consider these designs.



You can also put a pattern inside the rings , which is popular  in Japan now.

Two weeks are required for the engravings.


Crafted with Love at jewelrypetit: Stories of Our Customers' Personalized Wedding Rings



The two guests who came all the way from Norway for their honeymoon visited Japan and had the chance to make their own wedding rings in Kyoto, where traditional Japanese culture is still alive.

The talented couple enjoyed the experience and had a great time making their rings.


If they ever have the opportunity to visit Japan again, we hope they will stop by for maintenance and other services for their rings.

We would be honored to help them keep the cherished memories of that wonderful day alive for years to come.

Two visitors from Canada had been exchanging emails for several months prior to their arrival in Japan,

as they had expressed a desire to create their own unique wedding rings.

After traveling throughout various parts of Japan,

they chose Kyoto as the site to craft their rings, as it held special meaning for them.


The couple, who share a love for mountain climbing,

chose to have the phrase "全ての山 (All Mountains)" engraved in Japanese on the inside of the rings.

Looking at their rings on their fingers will surely bring back memories of their time in Japan.

The two visitors from America had communicated their desired ring design prior to their arrival for its creation.

The couple, with a preference for a textured look, chose rings that were partially engraved with a hammered texture.


The process of crafting their rings involved intricate detailing and their own emotions,

culminating in a moment of indescribable emotion upon completion.


Their experience of making rings in Kyoto is sure to be a special moment in their lives,

and the memory of it will undoubtedly remain with them forever.



66-B-4 Imaikawahara-cho, Kamigamo, Kita-ku,

Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 603-8063, Japan

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including via WhatsApp or email.

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